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2. n. 社交聚会
3. Although Chinese domestic suppliers have expanded their market share to 32.7% in 2016, the trend was reversed in 2017, as their share shrank to 26.8%, said Qu Daokui, president of China Robot Industry Alliance.
4. My favourite award every year is for a spurious renaming of a common noun. A couple of years ago, Speedo rechristened the swimming cap a “hair management system”. Last year, Falke went one better by renaming a line of socks “Life Performance Solutions”.
5. 鉴于她的成功,她再也无法过上平凡人的生活。
6. 6.I’m 29. – Because 29 is like 20 years younger than 30.


1. 什么温度的葡萄酒最好喝(图)
2. plane
3. 单词enterprise 联想记忆:
4. 许多人在学习小组中受益良多。你得有条有理地进行,不能拖延时间。你要将学习的内容彻底消化,并能够向别人复述出来。
5. At tech start-up conferences, such as Slush in Helsinki in December, everyone was talking about experiences. The coming year is likely to see a wider adoption of virtual reality, which places the user in a digitally enhanced environment, and augmented reality, which overlays digital information on to the real world, creating new digital businesses.
6. The strength of Kellogg/HKUST is the quality of its participants.


1. 大小:5003平方英尺(约465平方米)
2. 我的预感是到了3月份,今年的应考新秀们就会看起来很棒,并且会远比去年要好,去年是近几年来最不被看好的一年。新奥尔良和华盛顿都需要一个明确的方向,并且他们不久就会做出各自的选择。
3. WTF.3: I'm Bigger Than You Think
4. enter在中间+tain拿住+ment→在[工作]中间拿→娱乐,款待
5. 节目22 魔术《魔琴》,刘谦等
6. Barrymore's condition was based on the real life of Michelle Philpots, who suffered head trauma in two separate motor vehicle accidents, which left her with a 24-hour memory. Rather than using Sandler's tapes, Philpots has survived for over 23 years using Post-it notes and her (amazingly modern, from her perspective) mobile phone.


1. 依然年轻
2. No students or teachers drank the poisoned water, the report said.
3. You turn back the passage and want to find the Page 12, and then you smile.
4. 6.Gal Gadot
5. 立场:为禁止员工在家上班进行辩解
6. The current El , a naturally recurring phenomenon that warms the Pacific Ocean, was probably only responsible for about 10 per cent of 2015’s record-breaking temperatures, he added.


1. 也许经济增长率是否能达到3%的国内最大威胁是利率的突然调整,但是从各方面的预测来看鸽派的美联储在2015年不太可能会采用挑衅的利率策略。
2. James Bond Themes 6. "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran
3. ['mu:vm?nt]

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    "For IBM, although they regularly top the list of U.S. patentees by volume of patents each year, the Top 100 Global Innovators listing evaluates not just volume, but also success, globalization and impact," said Bob Stembridge, analyst with Thomson Reuters.

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    Buyers looking for new construction will have more options next year, as the number of new condos hitting the market in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens, is expected to more than double to 8,366 from 3,444 in 2014, according to data provided by Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group.

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    Why the difference? It wasn’t because of a difference in the available information. As Koudijs and Voth point out, everybody in Dutch financial circles knew and understood the magnitude of what had happened. Nor was it because the Seppenwolde lenders had to rebuild their own finances. Within weeks of the default, the lenders knew they hadn’t lost any money.

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    The Warriors played pre-season games in China in 2013 against the Los Angeles Lakers, but it will be the first time the Timberwolves visit China.

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    9. 投资者如此不在乎,如此不接受事实,他们不会及时逃出。