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1. Marvel created superhero Blue Ear, who wears a hearing aid, after a little boy refused to wear one because "superheroes don’t wear hearing aids".
2. designer
3. survival
4. The official prize citation said the two were awarded for "the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design."
5. ['b?:lru:m]
6. 从10年和20年的时间跨度来看,地域和资产类别的多元化已经证明对投资回报和风险管理有益。不幸的是,在12个月内,不一定能看到此种战略的好处。在如今这个140字微博消息和2分钟短视频盛行的时代,投资者不能以长期的表现来判断其投资组合的成败,又有何奇怪?


1. 《不可思议的杰西卡?詹姆斯》
2. For the first time, it’s a blend of two colors: Rose Quartz (a kind of mineral pink) and Serenity (a light blue). On the company’s website, the colors flow seamlessly into each other so that it’s impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends.
3. 预测人士期望2014年能够成为经济实现突破的一年。但经济能否最终摆脱低迷的增长,还要取决于几个因素出现与此轮复苏刚开始时不一样的表现。以下是其中的几个关键因素:
4. Ahh, the glamorous life of AT&T: best friends with Steve Jobs, exclusive rights to the iPhone (for now) and carrier of choice on the iPad. So why, with everything going for it, did the stock miss a huge rally? In the year ending April 1, Apple soared 109% and the S&P 500 rose 41%. AT&T? Down 2%. The problem is growth, or lack thereof: little in its saturated wireless business and a decline in landlines, which still accounts for 25% of sales. Unless its high-speed Internet business takes off or the iPad drives new wireless growth, the beatings by Wall Street will continue.
5. operate
6. [':tn]


1. Total Program Cost: $98,906
2. 中国财富榜每年的变化反映了中国资本的流动,显示了这个国家超级富豪的金融实力。
3. Are there any differencesbetween writing a light novel and writing an anime?
4. Harry Styles, 'Harry Styles'
5. 4.Avoid micromanaging
6. 肥皂剧通常都在电视收视排行榜上位居前列,但2012最流行的电视节目是英国广播电台儿童节目《麦克小骑士》,它打败了美国惊悚电视剧《国土安全》和真人秀节目《Towie》。


1. Manufacturing has held up better, with profits growing 6.5 per cent, while profits from utilities such as electricity, heat and water grew 17 per cent, boosted by lower energy prices.
2. In the 2013 survey, Tokyo reclaimed the title as the world's most expensive city. Currency swings pushed Zurich into the No.1 position last year but government exchange rate controls have driven the Swiss city back to No.7 in the list. Osaka in Japan was ranked the second most expensive.
3. 6.Do All the Work, Plus More
4. 马特·劳拉
5. The media mogul is accused of blacklisting the actress after the meeting as well as deploying former Mossad agents to follow her and steal her memoir's manuscript.
6. The show’s sense of humor remains keen without relying on nudity, swearing and sexting. This gives the show a refreshing aura in an age where shows are constantly trying to push the envelope in terms of racy content.


1. 动词last的现在分
2. Tsinghua University holds the No. 1 spot in both computer science and engineering. The Chinese institution overtook MIT for the top computer science rank this year.
3. Prices at China's factory gates fell for a 34th consecutive month in December, pushed down by falling energy and commodity prices.

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