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龙头房企积极拿地 专家:明年楼市行情的不确定较大

调查显示上海民众购房意愿缓慢回升 说明

东莞一LED背光源台企倒闭 老板拖欠上千万不知去向

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3.绿色建材成行业新宠 需加快标准认证体系建设
4.北京通州防水建材被抽检 结果不合格将受处罚
5.80多家企业纷纷上市 家居建材业成市场新宠
6.购房入读公校政策收紧 刚需如何选择


1. One of the main shackles on the economy over the past four years has been stagnant wages. Hourly earnings have risen an average of 2% annually — just two-thirds of the long-term U.S. average.
2. Letizia Battaglia chronicled Palermo’s Mafia wars in the 1970s and ’80s for a local newspaper. Now, her images appear in museums and retrospectives.
3. 9. Ambrose Akinmusire “the imagined savior is far easier to paint” (Blue Note) The trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire imbued his second Blue Note album with the searching, genre-fluid sound of today, enlisting singer-singers and a string quartet. His social commentary feels even more urgent and stinging now than it did when the album was released.
4. Yes. In 2018 President Trump will deliver on some of his protectionist campaign rhetoric by taking punitive actions against China. The most likely triggers for action will be official reports that the Trump administration has commissioned into China’s alleged theft of intellectual property, and its subsidised production of steel and aluminium. The president, spurred on by his trade team, is likely to order retaliatory measures, including tariffs. Whether that marks the first shot in a trade war will depend on how China reacts. A Chinese decision to impose retaliatory tariffs, or to take America to the World Trade Organization, will signal the opening of hostilities.
5. 国家统计局表示,这一比例虽然与经济合作与发展组织成员国2.4%的平均水平还有差距,但已超过欧盟2.08%的平均水平。
6. 《老友记》大部分剧集拍摄之时,手机和Google都还未普及,剧中的服装和道具现在看来也有些过时,但是,剧中的主题却依旧深得现在年轻观众的心。


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2、房产服务业向假房源宣战 共建健康市场
6、LED照明行业屡现“蛇吞象” 谨防消化不良....


      西西软件园 At least 120 million American voters had been expected to cast votes in the race between the Democratic incumbent and Romney after a campaign focused on how to repair the ailing U.S. economy。