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省房协报告显示,广东房企前5月买地“缩水” 调控不放松 楼市调整将持续

降息或成今年楼市“春风” 两次降息少还20万贷 说明

4月1日“开好票” 5月1日“报好税”——我国深化增值税改革进入冲刺

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1.全面布局数字营销产业链 万润科技未来仍然存在收并购预期
2.LED行业总产值成绩喜人 2015年预计将达到3967亿
4.小猪短租再次携手网易考拉 升级城市睡眠空间
5.租房市场合同纠纷逐年上升 房产中介套路多转租频现
6.2017年度经济盘点: 十大房产行业新闻


1. The report didn't comment on potential factors influencing the numbers, but many – including members of the opposing political party – are laying the blame squarely at the feet of government cost-cutting.
2. 课程安排:伊利诺州埃文斯顿校区授课时间为每隔一周的周五至周日;佛罗里达州迈阿密校区每月上一次课,授课时间为周四下午至周日中午
3. n. 疏忽,忽视
4. 葡萄牙完全使用可再生能源供电四天
5. The movies were selected from more than 2,000 titles from 100 countries and will be screened in 30 cinemas and colleges around Beijing from April 8 to April 23, Zhang Xiaoguang, deputy head of China Film Archive, said last Thursday.
6. The Amsterdam crisis began when a Dutch group known as the Seppenwolde syndicate made a big, contrarian bet on the shares of East India Company. Those shares had plunged in 1771 mainly because of losses in Bengal, but the company kept paying high dividends and covered up its shortfalls by borrowing money. Convinced that East India shares would quickly rebound, the Seppenwolde group aggressively bought them on margin. But instead of rebounding, the shares fell even further after the company slashed its dividend.


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1、轨道交通日趋发达 推动“轨交房”发展
2、房贷利率降至年内最低 首套房贷款利率连降12月
3、新型保温材料潜力大 节能环保受青睐
4、家居建材业旺季失守 下沉三四级市场求发展
6、珠江一二手房倒挂现象严重 重税已成为豪宅命门....


      西西软件园 Enthusiastic supporters of the idea of a “universal basic income” for all citizens, meanwhile, will look to Finland where a trial is now well under way. In France, Emmanuel Macron will try to tread a delicate line in 2018 as he reforms the labour market, hoping to inject flexibility without increasing insecurity or incensing the unions.
      Putin had positive things to say about the Russian economy, saying it has "passed the crisis -- at least, the peak of the crisis."